I am a Web Designer &

I create FACES for great websites
& mobile apps

Every person in this universe has unique face. Also Websites & Mobile apps, they have unique faces that makes them different.

I am a web designer and my job is to build that face through multi-channels starting from discovering phase which covers research, evaluation, and generation of ideas, the design phase yields the interactions and visual aesthetic that shape the experience, and the deploy phase which contains redesign experience!

Doing a Research for similar case studies that helps to understand business model.
Writing a report that summarises the competitive landscape.
User Interviews
Interviewing with current and potential users to understand more their needs.
Creating personas for your project, will help you a lot to define the needs for your target audiences.
Helping client and teams to understand a product's flow and general layout before moving to design and development.
Create wireframes that guarantees better understanding for the face.
Creating the Face
Creating the web design after studying all data gathered to build a unique face.
A/B Testing
Studying end-user behaviour by dividing audience to multiple groups and show different variants of a page.

I am not the best web designer, but I like to be unique

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